DEVDOOT THE ANGEL (An excerpt from epic poem, Canto-3) – Poem by Sudhakar Gaidhani / Translated by global poet Vishwas Vaidya

Poem by Sudhakar Gaidhani
An excerpt from epic poem, Canto-3
After sowing seeds of sin
They nurtured it with holy water
No wonder, it showed its nature in true colors
A long time ago,
The human race was tiny like ants
but still greater than Gods
Gods would feed them
Sugary sweets
with own fingers
And saints would hunt for ant-hills
in order to roll piously
before them
And now those same saints
beseech,” Grant us the childhood, O Lord”
on the steps of a temple
in a mooing voice like a cow
resonating with pain
then the Gods enshrined in the
sanctum sanctorum of the temple
roar at them like a tiger
Really speaking,
humans live less
and pine for something more!
Come on, O pilgrims of desert,
Let us rest for a while in the shadows of the ant hill
let us share our agonies of selfishness
with the mother spirit within the ant
Let the ant turn into a God!
Let it become the wind pipe
of Lord Shriranga! 1
Come on poor Talkaris 2
let us break the lock
and count your rightful amount
in the donation box of the temple
Let us confront and fight with
the tyranny of Badawes 3
and those who wildly publicize
their acts of donation
O bricks and stones
who are, like kinfolks of
the stone idol of Lord Vithu 4
gather your courage
and march in discipline!
While walking along,
do take-up a path passing around the ant-hills
Compared to the cowardly abodes of the human
that generally remain closed
these fearlessly wide-open dwellings of ants
that would rescue the world from
the menace of the self-fear….
And then only our days
ridden with the fear of human
would really end!
Tigers and lions are far less fearsome
than the treacherous masks donned by the humans
Why dread Gods and demons
when the brain-power of the human
can easily subdue them
Stubborn human beings
engage into meaningless squabbles with everyone
except with the mighty nature
which teaches them a lesson
reducing them
into accepting their true worth.
(1 Shriranga- Lord Vishnu who is one of the supreme deities of Hinduism
2 Talkaris- Holy pilgrims who chant holy songs to the rhythm of hollow cymbals (known as Tals in Marathi)
3 So called holy middlemen/families who claim rights over earnings of the temple through donations
4 Vithu- Fond name of Lord Vitthala a major Hindu deity)
Translated by global poet Vishwas Vaidya

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