Poems by Berkinalieva Sagynbubu Abdusamatovna (Kyrgyz Republic)

Poems by Berkinalieva Sagynbubu Abdusamatovna (Kyrgyz Republic)
Now we are the casualties
Of shameless lies and slurs again.
Like a venomous snake, cold words
Wind and slither down our lane.
And now I’m lying in my grave –
He buried me before I was dead.
I am so hurt by this man of ice –
The man with who I shared my bed.
Josephine, you’re so receptive –
Like a mother you’ve been to me
You were sent by the Almighty
As my inseparable twin to be.
Let me sing, poets, let me sing,
And let your applause sweetly roll.
Today, flowers bloom in my heart –
White lilies, the queens of the soul.
For you, a garden’s unfurled,
And my lilies will cover the world.
Butterflies of gorgeous hues are dancing here before my eyes,
And as I write down every verse, it seems I am in paradise.
I have become Happiness’s choir.
Look at me, people, and admire!
Applaud me, cheer me, warmly praise me –
Help my inspiration raise me.
May in my words joy be revealed.
Dear folks, let yourselves be healed!

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