Poems by Nancy Ndeke

Poems by Nancy Ndeke
Those bastions of resilience and stalwart giving,
Satient to give and then some more,
Loaded with nursing cycles of both flu outcomes and blues shortcomings,
Judged by own, tried by own and sentenced by own,
Hers are the dry leaves smiles of back bench glory,
Grateful for the new paths and success stories of hero’s of her full term trimesters,
Content even in discontent,
Happiness sometimes Floods in tears,
When her brood finds fun in hurting each other,
A cross for mother’s to bear unable and unwilling often,
To condemn the rogue of her womb.
May this day be different for all mothers and those aspiring.
fluid ” power, right,control”
Often etched on inheritated scripts,
Relying on precedence and clever manoeuvres,
Of decisions and orders enforced,
Of commands heavier that lead,
To call order to order,
With ” seeming approval ” of the wayside unlearned,
The learned has assumed diety piety
Only, its the likes of which lies and deception feeds.
Life is grand. Life can be glad.
But not when the majority of heads are shaved from thinking, and,
Adopted into the crude tanks of following.
Perplexity bewildering like a first time astral traveller,
And the mystified daze of the inexplicable,
Incertitude straddles the mind hovering over disbelief,
A personal rebuke justifying denial,
Experience while it may be of a group,
It’s as personal as each individual is unique,
So all the puzzling encounters of life,
Whether sought or thrust upon one,
It’s within each to hack each PUZZLEMENT however engrossed in denial one is-
For the way out of anything starts with the will,followed by action.
Despondency is no one’s heritage.

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