TO EUROPE WITH LOVE- 4 (The -ISM Family of Philosophy) / Poem by George Onsy

Poem by George Onsy
The -ISM Family of Philosophy
Dear Europe,
What happened to the TRUTH
In the vast space of your history?
I remember we’ve seen her amid
Your Ancient Greece’s clouds of myths
Before trying to climb high across
The sturdy mountains of your medieval dogmas
Europe dear,
We’ve read how your heroes of thought
Have been trying, each one, to encage her
Into his own -ISM theory or doctrine
And so, our Reason has grown
Through its Cosmological, Anthropological,
Ontological, then Ethical awareness
Seeking the ever-unanswerable questions.
Yes, Europe,
They have been trying to capture the TRUTH,
By their snares of ClassicISM, IdealISM,
HumanISM, RomanticISM, RealISM,
ExistentialISM, and the other thousand-and-one -ISMs
Before reaching ModernISM, and PostmodernISM
But we will never forget how the human-centered view
Of your Great Renaissance came with promises
Of future of a better world for all humankind
And we still wonder if the so-called ‘Age of Reason’
Has really improved the Reason of Ages to come!
For, ever since, the human-deified view
Started to suffocate our soul
By the absolute dominance of the intellect,
Opening wide the door to AtheISM,
NihilISM, DestructivISM, Anti-rationalism …..
As well as those winds coming
From the ‘New World’ under the name of
PragamatISM that has let the power and wealth
The main criteria of our existence
Thus, economical fights, terrorism, and wars
Have become the only choices for today’s ‘Reason’.
Europe dear,
I can see today your great Children of Mind
Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle ahead of many of your GREECE
Kant, Hegel, and Leibniz among those of your GERMANY
Abélard, Descartes, Pascal, and others from your FRANCE
Aquinas, Maria Montessori, and Benedetto Croce with many from your ITALY
Duns Scotus, Hume, and Bacon followed by those of your ENGLAND
F. Suárez, Luis de Molina, and F. de Vitoria among many from your SPAIN
Vasily Tatishchev, Zinaida Gippius, and Nikolay Fyodorov
With dozens more from your RUSSIA
All, all are bitterly crying before a giant Epitaph
Erected upon your very center of civilization
To rise as trice high as your Eiffel Tower
And to exceed even the pride of your Alps
Thereupon, I can read clear these words engraved
With non-stop streams of sour tears:
With my painting published on page 342
Many thanks to Azahar’s Editor, the Great Spanish Poet Jose Luis Rubio Zarzuela!

One thought on “TO EUROPE WITH LOVE- 4 (The -ISM Family of Philosophy) / Poem by George Onsy

  1. Reblogged this on Alessandria today @ Web Media. Pier Carlo Lava and commented:
    We hope, dear Prof. George Onsy, that all the ISMIs that have represented the cultural path of Europe from its ancient Greco-Roman, as well as with Arab-Norman influences in the context of the unique matrix of Mediterranean civilizations, maybe the beginning of a path of Peace where today war and brute force of arms seem to prevail over reason.

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