HELLO / Poem by Stefano Capasso

Poem by Stefano Capasso
If a sweet melody
of birds,
you stop, enchanted, to listen
beside a stream
or if a delicate gust
of wind,
with its mystery
gently touches you,
or better yet,
if from the rustle of the rain
you remain strongly fascinated
in its passage,
perhaps you seem to listen
even if you are in unfamiliar places?
Then I ask myself, with anguish,:
Where is the difference,
if Men Against, then
are they unleashed with deep hatred?
I’d like to take you by the hand
and shout loudly
at the top of the voice
a Great Universal Brotherhood
and immediately after, up there,
fly beside God the Lord,
just to everyone to show
the World
how much is really Special.
Only then
Drunk with Peace and Emotions
to crazy slaughters
we would put an end,
appearing clear to all
that’s the price you pay
it’s too high for real.
All rights reserved
@ copyright
Author Stefano Capasso

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