Poems by Delwar Hossain

Poems by Delwar Hossain
Frogs caught by snake
Produce fear sound
Passers by put a stop
To walking
Sense of contrition
Generates new way of light
Simple dreams are thrown down
By the sinister motive overnight.
Don’t obstruct the path
Of self -enrichment
Light dream will urge you.
Grimace is stunned
In the light of morn.
Glowworms shed
invisiable tears
Cuckoos produce sweet tune
In the deep glee of spring.
Mind is filled
With the savour of bud
Green forest is calm
by the kiss of touchy bird.
Pigeon of peace does fly
At large having broken
The sleep of conscience.

2 thoughts on “Poems by Delwar Hossain

  1. The Fear Sound is a symbolic poem depicting the present scenario of the social life of the contemporary world where bullying is a common phenomenon and passersby are so afraid of hooligans they never come together to protect the victim. My heartiest congratulations to you my dear friend and hon’ble world-famous poet Delwar Hossain for presenting such a meaningful and impressive poem on one of the World’s best literary platforms AtunisGalaxy Poetry. Stay blessed always!

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