FATHER (Dedicated to Saman Abbas) / Poem by Maria Miraglia

Poem by Maria Miraglia
Dedicated to Saman Abbas
I spoke another language
I went to school
In a new country
that had greeted us
and given you a job
a country where love
is not a sin
But still tied
to my mother’s breast
like a sacrificial lamb
you promised me
to a friend of yours
and at my refusal
you who had given me life
You also denied it to me
You Mother
hidden in your niqab
didn’t want to look
beyond your veil
to plant and water
seeds for a new life
and without a word
nor a tear
You left me to go
In the garden of our house
where innocent I played
as a child
you breathe now
the acrid pungent smell
of my rotten body
The songs of the sparrows
that play hide and seek
among the cherry trees
will no longer wake me
to new days
welcomed by the angels
I look at you from up here
and still I love you
@ Maria Miraglia

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