Poems by Fei Qin (Shanghai, China)

Poems by Fei Qin (Shanghai, China)
Fallen City
An autumn.day
with.boundless sun
in.the whole place
he is the only one
And so.i stare and lose my wits
and so.my soul flies out to him
Then we all scatter
I donot know when i can see him.again
And if i see him if there will be a next time
Translator: Martin Winter / Austria
We have arrived in Slovakia
We have arrived in.Slovakia
our tourist guide informed us
we need to stop here a litte time longer for paperwork
Slovakia is formerly a Socialist country
Translator: Jone Guo / USA
I have never been.to.Damascus
But i Believe some women living there
Must feel.what i feel:
Passionate ,yet Desperate
Translator: Jone Guo / USA

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