WHEN NOTHINGNESS ABIDES! / Poem by Madhu Gangopadhyay

Poem by Madhu Gangopadhyay
Nothingness strikes
Of ideas and thoughts
Despair deep, seeps in!
The gleaming yolk of the sun
The chirping melody
Crispy breeze, all morning fun
The dazzling, resplendent dawn
Fails to excite,
Only nothingness abides!
A black shroud over the mind’s eye
Sooty louvres of despondency
Restrict any ray of hope to penetrate
Hopelessness grips, the inside lacerates!
Morbid fear, endless expanse of desert appears!
I search for the map of Neverland,
Deceptive sand dunes foil my plans!
At the alter of poetry I seek refuge
Words, metaphors seem to elude
A bankrupt poet seeking alms
For inspiration and grace on her palms!
Muse asleep, the mind so fraught
A barren phase much like a drought!
Seeks salvage in Apollo’s light,
The serpentine urge persists
To pen something lofty and bright!
A few lines of peace and joys
Written from the depths of the heart
Be they about the cool autumn days
Or the night moon so coy.
Imbued with passions raw
Sketch some words for a start
Beauty even in dried straw
For simple poetry is a genuine art!

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