Old Cave / Poem by Sajid Hussain 

Poem by Sajid Hussain 
Old Cave
Tracks in the dirt,
At the cave’s entrance,
On the way moss, crumbling rocks,
Crushed bones are scattered near,
On the outside dead leaves,
Inhabitant leads for older,
Rumble of breaths at dwelling,
Violent motion churns vessel,
By a broken ,by an agitation ,
In the darkness of cave,
Voices echoing from somewhere,
Before night fall l drag myself,
With the sparse deadfall,
Hoisted myself up with the pulse ,
Side in a tight part of the cave,
Passage opening up I can see,
Discovering myself during a storm,
Hearing noise coming from inside
Seeping from my body at all night.
Sajid Hussain Pakistan ©

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