Poems by Gina Carrillo

Poems by Gina Carrillo
Who am I
Who am I
but broken fragments of color
Wallowing in self loathing
and despair
Wanting to paint the world
Before it dries
Can you hear me
Words filled with continuous tries
Dear Mother
Thank you for always loving me
for caring for me
for being there for me
for hugging me
for kissing me
for listening to me
Dear Mother
you are like no other
you and me always there for each other
continuing to be a supportive friend
encouragement has no end
your love without conditions
helping my dreams come into fruition
Dear Mother
Thank you for this gift of life
For giving me a shoulder to lean on
When I’ve been through strife
when I think of all the things you do
I’m filled with gratitude
You are wonderful in so many ways
Bringing happiness to all of my days
Box Of Secrets
Do you want to see
Beneath the skin
It’s me
now I’m free
Words flowing
Flowers bloomed
Where there were once weeds
From all the love I gave myself
I’ve planted seeds
I opened my box
secrets unlocked
Stripped bare
Raw feelings to share
Black Widow

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