Poems by Margaret Kowalewska

Poems by Margaret Kowalewska
Be thankful to your mother
for your strong healthy hands
Be thankful from your heart
for her love that never ends..
For your sculptured face
For your arms that can embrace
For your strength to walk each mile
For your eyes that glow and smile
For your lips that can kiss
For soul that knows bliss
For all wonders surrounding you,
flowers in bloom and skies of blue..
You are beautiful everyday
You are beautiful each single way
You are a marvel of your physique,
a sparkling diamond, fine and unique..
You are miracle of God’s imagination
You are beautiful, you are His creation..
From the cracks of heaven’s essence
A heart barricaded itself with a fence of fear
And this fear creates another anxiety from delusion
A kiss chained to the heart filled with illusion
afraid to be found by the lips that long
A whisper muzzled in a throat
fearing rejection
realizing own imperfection
Only my eyes drinking the light
from your soul veiled in divine
From the corner of my eyelid
I see your lips without looking
I feel your skin without touching
I hear your voice
though you are not saying anything
And the enigma of a dream in a dream
encapsulated in a crystal of salt
outshines the most dazzling diamonds
in the world
Only because this crystal of salt
it’s illuminated by your light
My universe compacted
in a shimmering teardrop
rolling like a marble
in the groove of your face
It falls on the ground
as if a weightless feather
form the cracks of the heaven’s essence
birthing the crimson flower of love

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