Shaswata Gangopadhyay (India)

Shaswata Gangopadhyay (India)
One of the Prominent faces of Contemporary Bengali Poetry ,who started writing in Mid 90s.
His poems have been published in all major journals of Bengali literature.
He has been invited to read his poems in different virtual poetry festivals across the globe, like World Poetry festival in Argentina and Cuba, International Poetry festival in Greece,Latin American Poetry Festival held in Chile, Silk Road Poetry festival of China, Poesia 2021 of Russia, and Ano Nuevo 2022,International Poetry Festival of Portugal. He had also participated in the recent World Poetry Festival with poets from 70 countries, organized by Latin America on the occasion of 85th death anniversary of Federiko Garsija Lorka.He was also invited to read his poems in ANO NOVO 2022, International Poetry Festival of Portugal.
His poems are regularly
Published in all six continents through translations in different languages.
His book of Poems : Inhabitant of Pluto Planet (2001),
Offspring of Monster (2009), Holes of Red Crabs(2015) and Rhododendron Cafe (2021).
Recently His ‘Selected Love Poems’ have been published from Cairo, Egypt.
His Poems had been exhibited
in a Poetry Festival in Picollo Museum, Italy-
the only Poetry Museum of the world.
Translations of his Poems have been published in more than 100 International journals and anthologies of
Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Australia.
He has been interviewed by famous Parrot TV of New York, a complete episode was aired on his poems.
He was also invited to read his poems in World Inkers TV of USA.
He was invited to read his poems in both UK, USA and Central American Book Fair, organized virtually this year.
He was also invited to read his exotic love poems in Latin American Book Fair, happened in Peru.
He has been recognised as ‘One of the most promising International Poet’ by well reputed ‘The POET’ magazine of London.
I always walk and carry my newly written poems secretly
In the leather pouch in my abdomen
just like a kangaroo
‘What thing you are hiding,what thing?’ many suspect
Is it a new fact? Everybody is curious about it
The brain of Bengali is very sharp
At the same time greatly jealous
Neither aids nor cancer
It is envy, that’s his incurable disease
On the other side,the poems secretly being composed
Stealthily look out of my pouch outright :
Many multi-colored metal masks are floating in slow motion
Noon time college street appears to be
A desert with a wide open mouth
No where any friend, everyone is suspicious
No matter who are they, but they pounce upon the back
Of a walking angel with a knife
His intestine come out
They burst into a loud laughter
After coming back home at night
I put down the bag from my shoulder
Take my seat at the lonely table
In disguise of candle light, my girlfriend also peeps
With excessive suspicion-
Which thing I am writing on my parchment paper
Infact I’m a leopard, my craze being to hunt the prey
who is unprotected and where, I search for, whose intimacy with
such a friend,- that young boy, when standing before
looks more sexy even than God, on chin full of beards
and on that soft hairs plays quiet smooth wind,
I gave her an evil omen, the girl heard that foreboding
After that, leaving her companion, and having the smell of my body
she has come with her face down, on her chin
I unfasten my palm, not palm even, as if black hole
suddenly it’ll drag one into a hollow pit, just raise your eyes to look
Yes, I’m that man, whom you on the night of fantasy
demolished in your own way with caresses and wounds
have you identified me? I’m acquainted with you since long time back
If I’m a leopard, then you’re a she-leopard in reality
The soap you smear over your body,that’s scented
with herbal dust, thats myself,you know,my dried up lips
Whenever you smear it,undressed,with none in the bathroom
It’s none but me you look at, from behind the mirror
I clasp and grasp you stealthily with kisses
on your shoulder,as if both of us standing
under the shower,in the small notch of an eroded stone
After this will start the festival of our caresses,as if
It’s a bulk of swinging white grasses on the riverfront
Juicy sap of almond turned into watery paste,
smeared all over the body,like the leaves of winter
I’ll drop and fling all dead cells from your skin with fingers
‘Waves and nothing but waves you’ve to look on
Is there any island nearby?’ putting your mouth on the lobe of my ear,
And clasping me whisperingly,you just want to float
As the moments like bubbles fade into the time infinite
You’ll cover my body with foams and froths
And will spread out my breath with yours
Translated from Bengali to English by Rajdeep Mukherjee

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