A Child’s Prayer to a Butterfly / Poem by Ujjal Mandal (India)


Ujjal Mandal (India)

Ujjal Mandal is an Indian poet who hails from Ganguria, Malda, West Bengal. He has four books of poetry: ‘Ambrosia in Budding Flowers’, ‘Shobder Phul’, ‘Banchakalpataru’, & ‘Geetabina’. His works are published in India and abroad. Besides a poet, he is a Research Scholar. He studied at the University of Gour Banga. He could be reached at um199521@gmail.com

A Child’s Prayer to a Butterfly

O butterfly, butterfly where’d you go?
Please tell me, I will follow.
Inside the house alone am I
Please tell O butterfly, butterfly.
Where you go, I must go in glee
For long time the world I never did see.
I forgot how do flowers bloom?
I always think when I am inside the room.
Where do the birds make their nest?
O butterfly, where do they take rest?
What colour is the azure?
Yellow, green, blue or grey!
What is the sound of waterfall?
Oh, I forgot her last delectable call.
But you are still and silent O butterfly
Kindly tell me why?

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