GOD DIED IN ME / Poem by Ibrahim Honjo

Poem by Ibrahim Honjo
Behind the black cloud
somewhere at the end of the sea
the sun sank into sleep
silence descended
from the blue hills
which sprang from the ocean
the crickets were playing
its summer aria
breaking the twilight
into tiny bubbles
like the soap operas
putting this day to sleep
in which history
shamelessly repeated
somewhere there is a cannonade of grenades
the moans tore
those who cry out for freedom
someone left forever
native hearth
finding peace under another sky
those we can in no way feed them
they became richer for new billions
my helplessness
and the impotence of my song
they complement each other on this day as well
which will be shamelessly repeated
on our planet
united nations
will continue to write peace resolutions
and then be silent
like everyone else
grenades will speak for the man
carrying tears to some
and to others hills of dollars
the song and I will cry
over the fate of this planet
our cries will never reach them
because we cry in the name of the people
and they shell in the name of God
they poisoned God in me with their hatred
he died in my ninth heaven
I am single and infinitely powerless
failing to implant the embryo of love
in every man
I trusted him in vain
blindly following his commandments
overpowered by their greed and money
God is dead and I will share the heavenly unrest with him
they will follow him
rushing into the billions
they will feed on the blood of the powerless
and so, treat their sick brains
God, I can’t forgive myself for your helplessness
Ibrahim Honjo, From my book “Bed from the Stone”

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