HEART PALPITATIONS / Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash


Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash


He met her after a long absence and expressed some of his heart palpitations, saying:
Oh, the nap of love and happy hope,
O mystery of my strings, my harps and my lutes,
I show you my longing which looks like fire and weddings of roses,
I recite to you the verses of my love from a heart lost by desertion.

The mornings with you are gardens of roses and flowers, their fragrance reaches you on the air pavilion,
The evenings with you are as the mornings and as all your times full of roses, flowers, perfumes and much more.

Then he continued, saying:
I fear for you, my love,
This fear is unparalleled.
I fear for you, even from the evenings’ cold,
From the chirping of the birds in the shadows of trees,
Rather, I am afraid of pigeons and their cooing,
If it increases in a while and bothers your calmness!!

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