The Plight of Darkness / Poem by Hela Jenayah Tekali 


Poem by Hela Jenayah Tekali 


The Plight of Darkness

Plighted by darkness
Do I need to split the sea?
From the city of evil
I paint the right
To make dreams
The best sight

Dreams I weave
To wake up
For a better tomorrow
To sing the song of peace
With overwhelming light
With no sadness, no sorrow.

My age is engulfed by darkness,
Veiled by false Islam
Еclipsing righteousness
Sacrificing the lamb, the right?
Would the world embrace
Darkness, foe of of peace and light?

Glory be to you Allah
You saved Yunah from the whale
A miracle to tell
Saved Yusuf from treachery
Of brothers and water well,
Save my soul From darkness.

Oh Allah
Save me from the plight of evil.
In your heaven weave for me
A house for peace,
For joy and innocence with no devil
For tranquility with no fight
To sing my dreams, and
Like Moses, cross the sea into the light.



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