ENIGMA / Poem by Laksmisree Banerjee

Poem by Laksmisree Banerjee
O Buddha, from your far flung ethereal heights
Your lotus eyes half-closed in introspecting amnesia
Entrenched in the distant flush of the arched horizon
Your enlightenment diffuse and latticed in the clawing darkness
Your harmony cloistered in the crevices of the wooden lyre
We wail in our impoverished souls conditioned by inescapable life and death
Of age, sickness, discord and poverty of mind and body
As you reign from the heavens with an apathetic, muted smile
Your rare pearls of tears too dear to hold within
Our cupped palms of domestic love, hate or fear
Your gnarled Bodhi tree as ancient as your wisdom
Your skies a runaway path of endlessness
Your bejewelled rainbow hastening your speed from mundaneness
Your perpetuity clouded in the mists of evanescence
Away from your palace of glitters and paths of sorrows and glory
O Buddha your lights have dimmed through our ravaged truths
Your termite ridden whispers of escapist wisdom
our world can never hear
O Holy One, the emissary of distant light steeped in darkness
Serenading from your unheard pinnacle, from your far removed mystical crest
How and what would you answer now to Yashodhara and Rahul, your wife and son
Crest-fallen for your searing quest of a world that never existed for them??
@laksmisree banerjee

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