Rajashree Mohapatra (India)


Rajashree Mohapatra (India)

Born in Dhenkanal in the state of Odisha in India ,has received her masters degree in ‘ History ‘ and ‘Journalism and Mass Communication’ from Utkal University, Odisha .She is a teacher by profession. Being a post graduate in ‘ Environmental Education and Industrial Waste Management ‘ from Sambalpur University Odisha , she has devoted herself as a Social Activist for the cause of social justice, Environmental issues and human rights in remote areas through Non-governmental organisations. Poetry ,Painting and Journalism are her passions .

The Women In the portrait.

Oh my Country men!
Have you ever seen the woman in the portrait
Hanging uncared on any of the society walls
With coarse garments and tangled hair
Did you ever focus on her perched lips
And her lined forehead drenched with her sweat ?
A careful observation definitely help you to read
Those as evidences of her mounted sufferings.

Her dreamy eyes tell her ever untold story
Of decades of humiliation
And raise doubts if ever she smiled in satisfaction
Yet confirms her promises
To reach her goal undaunted and ungrudged.

Her face glitters when she thinks of her fallen foes
Her dogged determination stands unperturbed
Even in defiance , suggesting her madness
In an atmosphere of restless suspicion …

Love …a never faded fragrance

Where is the love , O dear Valentine !
Is it buried under the deep silence of night
or in a disturbed ravine !!!

I am passing through the ruins of time
Can’t hear the chirping of birds .
The petals flutter with faded fragrance
as the breeze has stopped playing its cards
Waves are even silent in the swift flowing streams.
And nature without love appears repulsive.

Where can I find love !
Hatred has filled each and every mind
There is revolt against love all around the world
Enmity prevails everywhere , I look forword
Where then is the destination of hearts ?
Shall we search love in the company of stars?

Oh , dear Valentine !
I am yet to realise that love is infinite
The wings of love are tired
The answer remains elusive .


Voids of life impelled to gaze
and observe the spring with
curiosity and consternation
while yellow leaves flutter in wind and
detach from the stalk in quick succession

Life is no doubt as much shortlived
as the fluttering leaves or bubbles in a stream
Never known , when the Almighty blows
His whistle to blast the bubbles
and sway the fluttering leafs

Yet a passionate watch persist in me
To filter and catch your name that waves in
search for an amorous love prevails acute
and a wish pullulates to mutate
in a state of suffering most astute.

Oh my love,like a thirsty bee
I would wait for the next spring
and prefer to look for you in every swing
Believe me, under the veil of a magic deer
I would continue the search for you
over the springs in the wild and tangled woods

O my Artist !

The denuded soil takes in your molten touch
and I leap up to life in the heat of bare mutuality
my Maker!

O my Artist !
Engrossed in the art of making me what I am,
you please my soul and send shivers
into my finest core..

I am your last mate , your creation
your emblematic love’s companion
I shall be your source of inspiration..
and be your tremulous touch
and its tender sensation!



With thirsty eyes…
In silence the lily awaits the Moon
and alas in petulant grief it sings
its saddest song!

The Lotus separated suffers the pangs
and soaks in the heat of the sun
in steady contemplation ,
loses herself
in the warmth of wet closeness!

You are the creator…
creation is your poetry…
Your touch creates every moment
Separation too is your
song of union .

Copyright@Rajashree Mohapatra, India


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