Dr. Perwaiz Shaharyar (India)


Dr. Perwaiz Shaharyar
New Delhi, INDIA

Dr. Perwaiz Shaharyar is an Editor in National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), Ministry of Education, Government of India. He had been Principal Publication Officer in National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language in 2007. He is, presently, a member of Advisory Board of National Book Trust India.
He is a Multilingual (English, Hindi and Urdu) famous poet, short story writer and critic from India. He is Graduate with English Honors from Ranchi University. He has topped Jawaharlal Nehru University in Masters with Literature. He was awarded Doctor of Philosophy for his Research Work from University of Delhi. He is Post Graduate Diploma holder in Calligraphy, Mass Media and in Book Publishing with Specialization in Editing.
He has begun writing his poems in English since lockdown in the period of Pandemic Covid-19. He has written around 55 poems, participated in many worldwide webinars and published in various international anthologies, so far. His as many as 25 poems have been translated by many award winning litterateurs in Polish, Indonesian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and Albanian languages. His poems are being published in several magazines within country and abroad. His poem ‘The Burning Boat’ contains mystic (Sufism) and metaphysical elements.
He has bagged many States and National Awards and accolades for his literary works.
His around 200 articles and research papers have been published in reputed national and international literary journals and periodicals. He has total 13 published books, 2 each of collections of short stories and collections of poems, 5 books of criticism and 4 books of translation from other languages in his credential. His one children story book has been published by a premier organization National Book Trust, India. His collection of 12 stories for children is ready to print from India.
Furthermore, his anthology entitled as “The Burning Boat” is under process for publishing, which is likely to be brought out.


She was so much beautiful that
Someone used to call her Cleopatra
And someone used to call her Mona Lisa,

No one knows, indeed,
How many artisans had played their roles
In the formation of her anatomy,
The Taj Mahal of her body was chiseled out of marble
By their own hard-hands of the laborers

No one knows how many
The hardships of labor of potters were used
On the pots and pitcher of her body
In the sanctity of her physique

No one knows how much was shows off un-bloomed buds
No one knows how much
Collective charismas were there in the upheaves
And downs of ravines, springs, and bubbles were involved
In the aesthetics of her virginity

She was kept getting more and more beautiful
By day and night
In her charming beauty
Perhaps, there was a brief story of mine also
In her dream-come-true-kind-of-situation

She was so much beautiful that
Everyone had the perception that
She belonged to him and he was her
She was such a beautiful girl


We all are busy sailing our boats
No matter how large or small
But one thing we must keep in our mind
Only those will survive until the last,
Who is riding on the boat of love!

Jealousy, hatred, enmity, and revenge
These are like holes in the boats of life
Which will lead us to sink sooner or later
We must remove these, all from our boats
Their presence is momentary like bubbles on water

The honest men keep tidying their loving boat
What may come, how rough would be weather
The true man never let his boat float alone
Fidelity and sincerity are his two rudders
Only love is the way out to cross life’s river

Hatred is found largely everyone can view
However, true love is like a pearl found in few


Literature is indeed a sea
An unfathomable deep ocean
It’s every wave is new and individual
The entity of a sea is built by the little drops
The enchanting attraction of the sea is
By its coming and going of continuous currents
The beauty becomes more mysterious
By the currents and undercurrents of water
Who knows these currents come up to us
From which unfathomable depth of the heart of a sea?
Striving to perceive it lightly will be sheer foolishness
Fishermen cannot speculate the depth of a sea
Some divers only can tell about it
Who after diving down in the depth of it
Do fetch pearls
Some of my poems also demand
Very deep and critical inquisition
A superfluous evaluation will lead to innocence
Some of my poems are mysterious,
These represent my spirituality
Which can be perceived
Only by the masters of literature
Who can understand in the true sense
The institutional moments of creation
My poems reveal my intuition

Copyright reserved: Dr. Perwaiz Shaharyar

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