Poems by Linda B. Scanlan

Poems by Linda B. Scanlan
Enchantment Be Thine
I searched the hiways
sought her down the biways
on rocky roads to perdition
trod paths of righteousness
leading to dead ends
and confusing forks
where I was told, “take it”
I can’t
I’m scared I’ll get lost
and never find my way home ……
In profound searching
yet she eluded me
then sickness ravaged me
turned brilliance into ash
mocking my feeble attempts to get right again……
Then one day
without warning
the scales fell from my eyes
blindness corrected
with laser-like accuracy
cataracts removed
and I rose like a new one born
into holy matrimony with Divinity
who took my trembling hand
invited me to come see
showed me
the mirror
where there I could see a reflection
of some unrecognizable
yet vaguely familiar person….
In my desire
to aspire to some higher vantage point
kneeling before the sacred glow cast in the reflection
I would soon come to know
as I the goddess…
I Am
“She Who Is”
and soon would grow
to love her madly
love her fiercely
as no other could
or would
cause after all
love starts here first
I heard someone whisper……..
In the fullness of time
offering a full throated yes
magnificat sublime
finally embracing the entirety of who I am….
I am she who was
now this version the higher one
how I love her as you do now…..
“What is a soul,”
she asked the master….
The reply went something like this –
When you agreed
to take on this here and now
in this body
in this form
we knew you would be homesick
So inside of you
hidden near the deepest chamber of your heart
is what they call your soul
we say Divinity
quietly informing every move
every decision
every urging
every desire
This is home now
But they gave you a reminder
to never forget your origins
never forget those who stay behind waiting for your return
Know this –
You may find yourself restless for unknown reasons
don’t fret it’s your soul readying you for your final journey in this neighborhood of eternity
but until that time of fullness
here you’ll remain
you agreed
they need your voice
So here you are
not around the truth
speak plainly
hold hands
smile much
love profoundly
And know that someday
you will be soul entirely
your humanity will cease to be
and you will see the face of God
Ten Thousand Miles
I would walk 10,000 miles just to bring you a sip of water
I know of your thirst
First hand
I understand what it is to feel parched even though glaciers are melting all around us
And rivers are overflowing their banks
Even the sky cries
Sometimes it’s rain Sometimes it’s shrapnel
I would swim through turbulent seas
Through riptides bound to disorient
Your smile is my Northstar
With you by my side
I’ll never be lost…………..

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