HOW A MAN LIVES / Poem by Ibrahim Honjo

Poem by Ibrahim Honjo
When you find out what the difference is
between two coffins
under the nail of your index finger
you will touch a new world
and new constellations
in which birds sing
the same song about freedom
and crickets sigh harmoniously
his famous aria
giving everything a new tone and harmony
in which man’s spite
like rust on pieces of metal
and man does not know
that it would destroy him
in all worlds and constellations
man, you’re going to disappear
with his false hope
in the pit, you dig yourself
feeding his blindness
endless greed
and you will skip life
which you were supposed to live
you will disappear
and not knowing in ignorance
that you did not live
From my book “Bed from the Stone”2021.

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