Memories / Poem by Sajid Hussain

Poem by Sajid Hussain
A spark tries to get into flames,
Nights of suffering provide fuels,
Laid on a long pitch of life,
My aches of memories of teasing,
Have thirst for life’s nectar,
To give a touch of zest to dying imprints,
Keeping them layer by layer in every moment,
An inclination leads me in depth of their valley,
Every day an ambassador calls from,
To tribute to royal dynasty of such sublime,
The golden beams of linkage sets binding,
Butterflies of images soon get flight,
On the griped flowers of my memories,
Notes of pastime penetrate on my inner being,
Of the ups and downs of the age,
Passing through sunny and shady periods,
Of existence in the thriving business of survival,
Some dim beams gather on screen of mind,
To awake some astray retentions away my threshold .
In the season of haze they flash inwardly,
To keep my soul on track of gratitude.
Sajid Hussain Pakistan ©

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