Dew Drops Poem / Poem by Aneeta Chitale

Poem by Aneeta Chitale
Dew Drops Poem
In my floral bed
I lay awake
In many folds of my dreams
I smell of sweet red, pink, magenta roses
Of tulips in red,yellow n white arrays
In golden caskets
Of the orange sun
On a breezy morn
I am – scented morning dew
born of celestial drops
I am sweetness, fragile and
Pure !
Alluring of magical dew
I shall melt with a touch of
A hand
I am born of a pearl
In Ocean
In waters n vales
I am precious!
You can’t hold me
I am fragile and sweet
I will disappear
In day’s wilderness
I will melt with sun”s rising rays
I live
In evanescence
With the change of seasons
Now, you can love me
Forever !

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