Poems by Miradije Ramiqi

Poems by Miradije Ramiqi
A Chronicle of Loneliness
(To artist of the words B. Musliu)
In psalms full of color
Don’t look for my loneliness
My face full of wrinkles
Sings to the rare beauty
In art embraces the life
The pain becomes better
…In first person
My face sows centuries
In never forgotten loneliness
The Mask
(He that You were not
She which wasn’t me)
All events of life i Loved-i Love
In my way frozen Majesty
Go and come in silence Come and Go on the same road
Where we met each other it’s poetical Metaphor
For a warm Sweet sincere word
Long shivering To the Forgetfulness
While painting you In studio the pain breathed
A revival full of colors hurt Love
Sadness that’s how they said about itThat day whenYou
All the walls crumbled down to the ground
Tangled up in magic the Dreams struggled
In the middle of the Death Studio is calling
My Name Full of colors
In the frame of the soul I live artistically
While my force names All these events
One day in Rediscovery I was-I Am
Purity of immaculate feeling
Full reappearance Phoenix
All events of life i Loved – i Love
In my way frozen Majesty

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