Poems by Delwar Hossain

Poems by Delwar Hossain
The eternal cry of man
There is no such thing as so-called living in life
All that remains is to burn the ashes and blow him away
Unbelievable wind. No one is out of the exchange,
There is only one uncertain fear.
That’s why birds call
They come to see the eternal cries of the people
Feeling happy
They do not have monasticism, difference of opinion , mind courting game
Only birds that know how to love each other
Throughout the afternoon, throughout the afternoon, ambrosia cries out to the heart,
Who knows!
The sun smiles as the clouds move away like a long sheet,
The clouds come again. Of these increasingly continuous scenes.
No indignation, No allegation
Against you
The envy black worm eats up
Thoughts and brain.
You ‘ beset with burning heart’
Run to and fro.
Enter into your inner soul
And commit a deadly killing
To the envy black worm
You must have peace
Through having done atone.

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