Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
Welcome June
beautiful morning
the sparrow’s song
Welcome in the June.
You are my muse
dedicated my nice Romanian friend, Vasile
You inspire
my heart
So daily
you are
my poetry
and my muse
my best friend
My friend
The sun is my friend.
Dancing with me between the leaves.
He hold my face..
he hold my face in his palms
and said
I love you
I need you
you are my life
and I whispered
I love you
I need you
you are my life
I wake up
you belong to me
I wake up
my cup is half empty
it doesn’t matter
our tongues dance together
no war or strife
love and peace
I am happy
you belong to me
like Earth belongs to sky
I wish
I wish you were here
lonely night
cold, empty ,black, chill
you left me
my heart is broken
I wish you were here
come back home
I am alone with my thoughts
I miss you
I need you
without you
the world is not the same
about you
Dedicated my nice Romanian friend Vasile
about you
your kindness
I feel it pulsate
within me
caress my soul
your goodness
I feel it pulsate
within me
caress my heart
I am happy
no pain
no disappointment
no sorrow
no tears
and everything is alright everywhere
how surprising
I am happy
When I smile
When I smile, my face is bright…
glows like sparkling stars
in bright blue sky
I touch you
early morning
I touch you
in the silence
I am so happy
late night
I touch you
between heartbeats
I am so blessed
hear my heart crack.
I want to hear your soul.
when you are near
the pen slips out of my hand
is that love ?

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