SWEETHEART BELLA / Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash

Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash
Sweetheart Bella, I have a lot to say to you
Yes, I have a lot to say
From where do I begin dear?
All you have I can only find in the queens and princesses.
Oh you who made my letters cocoons of silk,
All these included in this special small book
Are just love songs sung for you and me
Tomorrow, when you turn its papers,
When you miss the lamp and the bed sings,
When the letters, from their longing, become green,
When the breaks become about to fly,
Do not ever say, “Oh God, what a boy is he!!”.
Tell me about the curve and the trough,
Tell me about almonds, tulips and even about me,
The world will walk with me when I walk towards you,
Every star in the sky will have a little of your fragrance
Tomorrow people will see you in the lines of my poems
You will only be great with my great love and letters
Sweetheart, what would the earth be if you were not there?
What would it do if it was not created for you, just for you?

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