Haiku poems by Lilian Woo  

Lilian Woo
beautiful morning
up the hill is breathtaking
an amazing view.
gorgeous sun gleaming
golden rays of light flashing
fluffy cloud swirling.
the birds are chirping
trees standing tall in the woods
soft breeze is blowing.
©Lilian Woo
All Copyrights Reserved

3 thoughts on “Haiku poems by Lilian Woo  

  1. I have been reading the poems of Lilian Woo with profound interest because her literary work is quite individual among her contemporary poets. I have just read three poems in the format of Haiku, and the remarkable thing is that her poems carry forward the traditional fragrance of Japnese Haiku. These are subtle, tender and light in the mood and impact on the mind of the readers. I must congratulate my dear friend and hon’ble poetess Lilian Woo for her praiseworthy and lovely Haiku which indicate the Nature’s love in her poems on the International Environmental Day 💖

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