Not to be forgotten / Poem by Eva Lianou Petropoulou

Poem by Eva Lianou Petropoulou
Not to be forgotten
We have asked not to be forgotten….
But we forget to live
We forget to love
We forget to say hello and thank you to people they were there for us!!
We asked to be patient
We have asked to be kind
But they never teach us about the selfish person
The evil people
They snakes they are among us
That are waiting for our moments
The small moments
To come
And destroy
We have asked to believe in ourselves
We have asked to be positive
But they never explained that
We will be the only that we must do that
As people are occupied with make war
Make money
Have power
I do what they asked
but i walk forgotten….
In the battle field…
©Eva Petropoulou Lianoy

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