Poem by Marija Najthefer Popov

Poem by Marija Najthefer Popov
How will morning look like
After that night
In which the lanterns of your soul
Will disappear
I wonder
Obsessed with the fear of scream
From the dark
Which will arise
With knowledge
In me
Everything will stop
In the landscapes of the mind
That is intoxicated by words
Like water that washes the remedy
Down the bloodstream
Who will dare
To announce to me the news
I know without a doubt
(I don’t need messengers
I will behead them)
At that moment, I will start
And try to figure it out
Where did it come from at once
This terrible cold
In every throb
The polar night will begin
The bird will not be at the window
The Danube will freeze
In my bed
On one ship
The sails will break
At the helm I will see
A screaming crow
I will understand
You are the messenger
I did not believe
The truth I cannot accept
So I forgave your life
In that non-acceptance

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