On world environment day! / Poem by Nutan Sarawagi 

Poem by Nutan Sarawagi 
On world environment day!
-Don’t me prey!
Deep in the forest the sun sets over the horizon
A little bird tweets
hung in the trees
In forests to nest his own
in a life to see
where deers run so free
as monkeys jump from trees
Suddenly tyres crunch in defeat break into the silence
The guide motions you to keep quiet, as the sound of the grunting lion comes carried in the breeze disturbing his peace as he lazily sleeps
He wonders what makes YOU come his WAY
Don’t you have ENOUGH already
Why do you SHAMELESSLY peak
He DOESN’T really care about your presence
Wondering what if he invaded YOUR territory
Would you with the same expression, welcome HIM into your peace
Disturbed he looks elsewhere for answers
‘’Why o why
did we create you humans
First you wrench us out of our homeland
Then you hound us
Are we your EXHIBITS
Your TOY to PLAY
We are TIRED of you
As a child apes him in grunting sounds thrown his way
‘’WISH WE could lock YOU in cages
in territories BARRED where only YOU would stay
As WE would roam FREE on OUR Mother Earth in which YOU stroll
STOLE our life away
debarred by us don’t you ever again come my way ‘’
As he approaches you
Scared you pull out a knife
to scare him away
But sardonically he looks at you
Unruffled he walks away
For he’s the KING of the JUNGLE
You are the THIEF who took everything away
Uncaring of you he seeks his warmth
In LITTLE what you have LEFT HIM to stay
For he’s the peace of the jungle
you are but it’s uproar
As your tires skid in your excitement
to get a closer glance he looks away
Daring you to come his way
As he lays in your prey
you pray
you become his prey
Stealing your thunder
…he makes his way
in the sunset
…..fading away
…in your guilt
you stealthily
walk away….

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