Poems by Jean C. Bertrand

Poems by Jean C. Bertrand
Awful waves
Surfing, zooming
Flying, crossing, damn it
Lost in the clouds
Such, wave monster
Bandits at large
Peddling nights and days
Unjust, soul searching
A little mystery, longing
Rereading the verses
Endlessly rhyming
The echoes growing pain
Missing golden moon
Such a bad dream
An emotional burden
Unimaginable, heart-cry
Slowly moving, unclogging
Cayenne pepper, cloves, understood
Nursing the mind, like a lovable
Mother, caressing day by day
A mirthless child, cuddling, all magic
Flourishing, beginning to laugh
An infinite beauty, seeing spring
Yes, that’s true
See the signs, the clouds
Spreading, sacred-music
Humanly, repertoire
Tingling, undesirable
Ferociously searching, and
Pitching, unsafely, rough sea
Have mercy
Just a reason, a little bit scary
Wordless, heartfelt
Symptomatic, overwhelming echoes
Unthinkable, lot of ways
Seeking for spring
Waiting for something
All emptiness, ephemeral
Living, a musical, birds sky
Sparkling earthly desire
Such an earthquake
Dragging, an alarming thunder
Oh my darling spring
Disappearing meaningful bliss
Such a traumatic, oozing winds
So true, plan and simple
A troublesome world
Something, things like
The most courageous, always
Radiant voice, adorable tone
Something special, a smile
Nicely wrapping, coloring the day
Something, decorating my heart
Thank you once again, o, the verses
As simple it can be, courageously, pleasing
Light up inner flesh, a laugh, a little dance
So thankful of you
Unending gratitude, keeping all, cheers to all
Moral principles, values, morality
Understanding the sweetest methodology
Something, useful things, lasting beauty
Sunshine into our hearts, meaningful love
Getting into wonderful things, uplifting, things
Let us embrace, sharing with mirth
©2022 Jean C Bertrand

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