THE LANGUAGE OF GODS / Poem by Jernail S. Aanand

Poem by Jernail S. Aanand
MEN have erred in reading
What the Gods want of them.
And it has led to many a complaint
And many disasters.
If we do something amiss
The people raise the alarm.
Let us not assume, Gods will look away
And not react to our forays into forbidden lands?
If you make the world happy,
By your good deeds,
It goes to the extent of crowning you
As a Prophet.
But it denounces you, and does not mind
Doing away with you
If it feels threatened with your ideas,
And your presence.
Gods too react and send signals
We are unable to catch
Rather we push on blindly
Causing destruction inside out.
Human will and Divine will often collide
And Gods often us humans chide
For harbouring dreams
Too big for man’s hide.
Sometimes what we want
Does not happen
And what happens is
Beyond our imagination.
How things happen?
I find one single logic.
Gods are kind.
And they let no evil happen to mankind.
Still evil haunts us and good
Remains as illusive as a dream.
How can Gods flowers dispense
If the field remains tilled with nonsense?

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