The sky of my beloved / Poem by Margaret Kowalewska

Poem by Margaret Kowalewska
The sky of my beloved
These colours that you see
are changing constantly
as they are asking me to cover the sky
with a blanket of blue butterflies
each time I want to cry
In the tears of rain, I observe
how the world is glad to become wet
with the drops of colourful layers,
these flickers of rainbows like to dance
in a classical ballet
Together with them,
I spin in the rhythm
of translucent stream
shimmering with painted bows of rain
These sequined bows wanted to know
where is the passion of flames
I said to them, “It is within me.
Just drench my skin
with the sunsets of garnets
and sing with me the song of my lover”
The sky of my beloved asked me
“Do you like my glow?”
I said. “Of course. After all
I left the piece of my soul
in every pigment of yours”
These colours by the strokes of your brush,
remind me of our summer love
pounding ceaselessly in my heart
©® Margaret Kowalewska

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