Poems by Gina Carrillo

Poems by Gina Carrillo
Ghost Writer

Remembering high stakes
When I wake
Creativity brewing
for my life’s sake
Words come emerging
Past writing through me
Reflections surging
Poetry comes to me as I sleep
Struggling for my soul to keep
My Love Would Be…True
That getting to know you
doing stuff out of the blue
My love would be rainbow waves
of glitter sprinkling
through the sky
My love would be a midsummers day
from the mouth of Shakespeare
it would be the warmth of the sun
energizing your soul
Starlight glistening
always listening
It is the refreshing drink of water
quenching your thirst
my love is always putting you first
my heart is endless
Emerging through the mist
we found each other
in the smoking chaos
our shoulders blades kissed
Black Widow

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