Well-Spring of Living / Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad

Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad
Well-Spring of Living
Springtime comes with a warmth smile after the long Autumn
Where leaves cascade like tears on our cheeks.
Our lives are like flowers that emits sweet smelling fragrant
When doing good to others even in a silent way
It will touch their lives and will thank you in anyway.
Morning Spring fills my all senses with pleasure
Piccolo sound of birdsong match with a harpsichord
From the Himalayas fresh pink blooms of “lilikuras”
Are beaming to all “human living who are now at peace”
At peace with itself, where contentment is accord.
Hues of pansies, and little spring flowers in blooms
Aren’t the lilies of the fields more beautiful?
Life is to live, live your life in full
Is it just a dream to reach the peak
on one spring morning and see the heaven’s gate?
Many dream to reach its magnificent heights
Shrouded with stratus clouds
Only one bedevil car racer has enjoyed
the ride of a lifetime
to the Heaven’s Gate in Tianmen.
O, what a sweet victory as he still enjoy
That ride of a lifetime that no one dares
Life is a series of real ride of challenges
and not like a ride with a horse of Troy,
life can knock us down or lift us up all year round.
May Spring gives birth to a change,
Like “spring of living water flows”
Spring is a time for revitalization of life,
Time for planting hope for all living beings
To gain energy to grow a greener world.
May we learn from the past two years
of living under the fear and worries
cause by the pandemic and,
then now how safe the vaccines are
How precious you are as human beings.
Life is beautiful but short,
we cannot survive by ourselves.
We need one another to make a better,
safer place to live in this year
and for the next years to come.
Hoping it will always be as beautiful and inspiring as spring time…
Copyright: Eden Soriano Trinidad
January 3, 2022

One thought on “Well-Spring of Living / Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad

  1. Nice one..S P R I N G
    Thursday, 9th June 2022
    Special Provision and, Regards Interwoven and, Given
    Nature has shown
    and special care is taken
    for all humans
    nature has its wings
    and its basic duty is to bring
    the suitable changes
    for the welfare of people and manage
    if the spring has a beautiful concept for fragrance
    to bring up the colorful flowers at once
    show the presence of a beautiful nature
    and give the purpose of life here
    when spring finishes its tenure
    Autumn rushes to show its color
    its duty is to show the other side
    when life ends and we are unable to decide
    our eyes are trained to see the beautiful things
    and spring supplements
    pleases our eyes and forces us to see
    the beautiful arm and makes us wonder and feel free
    Monsoon has a delicate function
    cater the need of earth and make her green
    nature has always been kind and considerate
    to get an answer for all of us to relate
    (c) Dr. Hasmukh Mehta
    World Poet Laureate

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