jasmin boy / Poem by Sihem Cherif

Poem by Sihem Cherif
jasmin boy
Amidst teeming gas station
swirling in crowded roads
upon his head lies
his flat basket full of Jasmin twigs
Gathered, lined with lots of passion
Headed towards a slew of drivers
His twigs he wants to sell
At school, he makes his farewell
Eager to earn a living
His empty pocket squeaks
His empty stomach tickles
knows what his day would bring
A coin, a note but never a bundle
wading in his smile, gay and humble
Alas, few would buy his Jasmin
slew would pass sans greeting
A poor school boy wants to earn a living
Another face of child labor
In some countries where,
childhood decency snore into a slumber
Jasmin has no price in my country
Its whiteness betrothing peace
rarely those who encourage a poor boy
to tread a decent way
peacefully earns a living
His head rose to the sky
Breathing a timeless song @ sihem cherif 7 6 2022(picture credited to the rightful owner)

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