Short Essays by Ujjal Mandal

Short Essays by Ujjal Mandal
The Religion of Water
Water has no taste and no colour but has one secret that I am going to tell: one day I took some water from a pond and let them go with a nearby river. The river accepted them to their long journey together; some water I drew from the well and drove them to the same river. The river accepted again without resistance. After that I filled a bucket with rainwater and released them into the river. The river agreed to move together. The river welcomed all sincerely, she never laid her hands on the scales of caste but spread the stream of love in her veins and arteries all around. India, our mother is like a river and some of us are like water of pond, some are rainwater and some are the water of well. Look, our mother is sitting with her heart open always. O my siblings, lets become ONE and expand like flowers into the heart of mother. From today we will adopt ONE religion breaking the shackle of violence– the religion of Humanity, the religion of Mankind.
A Paradigm of Perfection
I planted a pomegranate seed in the soil and came out two leaves soft like cotton few weeks later. The soft leaves thrilled with emotion of the wind; the dew bathed them in the very morning; the sun took care of them gently and gradually the sapling grew getting love and compassion. One day it became a full-fledged tree and it was overburdened with succulent and delicious fruits and many coloring flowers were blended with a splendor of the moon. The tree bowed its head down to the ground. But on the opposition, there was a dead tree standing on the sand looking at the grey skies in a worried mood.
I asked the dead tree, ‘‘Why are you standing so straight?’’ The tree replied– ‘‘there is no one as rich as me’’. Now I tell you all, you will be like the pomegranate tree I hope and you will find that the Almighty is developing the perfection in you… But be careful, never be like the dead tree, bear in mind– ‘‘arrogance is the little bud of elephantic destruction within’’.

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