Poems by Shraddha S. Sahu

Poems by Shraddha S. Sahu
No bunch of flowers, no more exaggeration
No appreciation, no book of words
No scholarly view ,no scientist scope
Love is beyond what is ever known
Love exists since life evolved
A feeling with a heavenly glow
Deeper than the vast blue ocean
Love speaks in utter silence
Reaches to the core of hearts
Love transcends time and space
Even though lovers stay apart
The aroma of love always persists
Treasuring its precious essence
No compulsion no coercion
No expectation, no possession
Love creeps in the heart
Defying mind’s calculation
Love is the concern for well being
Love seeks presence in absence
Love never knows any barrier
It’s flow will never be tamed
Love blossoms in every bond
When concerns becomes high
No more desire except the happiness
A content lies in beloved’s smile
Love is not a day’s celebration
Love is to celebrate forever and ever.
Miles I walked on the dusty road,
In an expectation of shady bough.
The blue horizon with no clouds
Stared at me showing no mercy
Sun that kept me warm in chilly winter showering scorching heat in this summer
The dried grass and prematurely murdered trees
All telling the tale of man’s growing cruelty
Once a bounty, the river, yelled me for water
I had nothing but saline drops of tears
The parched land had no greenery but thorns
Poking me, indicating to the carcasses
I walked through a street with buildings kissing sky
In hope to get some shade, I walked on and on
Stifling alleys had cells cooling inside
The warm air compressing me from both sides
An inferno is the earth sans boughs and water.
Is this a signal of the impending doom, I fear?

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