Dusty and grassy areas / Poem by Sajid Hussain

Poem by Sajid Hussain 
Dusty and grassy areas
Half rotten steps leading,
Towards lantern hanging off on rusty hook,
Rough shelves, dirty windows,
To across out an exist crack,
On opposite a wood burning stove,
Some curling up wasp on the window sills,
Falling in asleep with disturbing images,
Getting inside some puffs of smoke,
Frigid veins feeling uneven lines,
The cry of a bird of prey in the night,
Leaves rattle and wind whistles,
Getting through the way in the cracks,
A sound of a squeaky hinge of door chases,
Drafts of heart beneath ones feelings,
Ashes of dropping rot on musty earth, ,
Destroying mounds trash of driven scales,
Covering sections of the land filled of hearts,
Turn the summer night into winter’s.
Sajid Hussain Pakistan ©

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