Rubilyn Bollion Cadao (Philippines)

Rubilyn Bollion Cadao (Philippines)
Rubilyn Bollion Cadao, 33 years old from the Philippines and a domestic worker in Hong Kong since 2013. She is one of the admins of the Migrant Writers of Hong Kong and is currently a co-host for the group’s live segment CONNECTED: DIFFERENT VOICES ONE PASSION, which features various and diverse poets, writers, authors and storytellers. Aside from writing poems and stories, she’s also into arts and playing musical instruments eg. guitar and piano.
She has contributed to anthologies such as Poetry for Ukraine, What I Want for Christmas, CoLoveBoration, The Art Of Poetry and I Love You To The Moon and Back.
My dear, goddess of the heaven,
I love thee, now and until then;
From the heavens and to the earth,
I’ll love thee till our next rebirth.
I will make thee the fairest Queen,
And in all the land, you will reign.
Adored by many, like the Spring,
Bright and lovely; fresh like morning.
Then I will build thee a castle,
Crystal clear with trumpet whistles;
Flickering across the heaven,
In golden rays, built and woven.
As you’ll sit on thy golden throne,
In a thousand silvers adorned;
And in thy bed of pearls you’ll rest,
In thousands ruby-red as best.
And you will rule upon the land,
Clad in the finest wool of lamb;
And in sparkling crystal slippers,
In the grandest fine tiles flickers.
And you will wear your golden crown,
As the majesty of the town.
With your people kneeled and bowed
With their loyalty, to thee vowed.
©® Rubilyn Bollion Cadao

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