Poems by Bam Dev Sharma

Poems by Bam Dev Sharma
I knew a man
Who was perfect, they called.
He spent life
Like a chamelon
His body with diffrent colors:
Of norms and values
Or isms and manners.
Everyone though saluated him
And termed him a successful man
As an inspiration for all
Whose statue they decided
To be made
In the cross road of the town.
But they didnot know
He was making his heart heavy
And his soul a rusted flap
Which never emitted
Love and compassion
But mere artificial glitches
That could prove to be perfect.
He enjoyed his prestigious pose
Dancing in his fame
As an icon of the town
In the gloat of social pride.
In his last breath
There spread a news
That he was in his final time
And they came to meet him
To pay the last tribute
But he could not speak
And his eyes welled with tears.
All surrounded him
To hear his bewildering experinces
And waited he could speak
Some inspirational words.
Finally he spoke:
“I lived my whole life
Like a deal
Without love and compassions
Only with fame and succes”.
On saying those words
His eyes were again full of tears
And he didnot speak any words further.
They said
He was emitting love and compassion
Crumpled in the heart
Through those tears !
I breathe
For a while
Shackling fateful circumstances
Which keep on arresting me
In the predicament of life.
I want to walk
In the fresh air
And watch the rabid sky
Gracing wily grass.
The cool air
Seething my heart
Charging life force
Lets me to float
Leaving stringent circumstances
As if I am a revolutionary.
I want to ride
The horses of scorching circumstances
And soar in the marron sky
As carefree as the zephyr.
There I see
An angel
Who waits for me
And I mistake him my companion
But he turns an effigy.
To my surprise
The angel proved to be a hero
To shackle me!
@Copyrights Bam Dev Sharma, Nepal

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