Poems by Delwar Hossain

Poems by Delwar Hossain
Treat him with deference
He has the sense of
Don’t hold him in contempt
He makes effort to rectify
Don’t believe him easily
Take time to discover him
Love the human race
The supreme being treat
With grace.
What boots it to weep?
Tears bring no solution.
Being pledge-bound shows way to solve.
By making the wheel of patience speedy,
Something impossible can be overcome.
Learning to laugh within ownself is a must for pleasure.
Lost memory and energy bear the sign of melancholy.
With the soft touch of consolation,
Divine – river flows as long as life survives.
Sense of self-realization
Discovers the universe.
Conscience without sense
Considers all farce.
Good effort paves the way
For success.
Solace is caused at times
With good touches.
To the great, homeage
We ought to pay.
Otherwise one day or other
We may be brought to bay.

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