THE YOKE OF INJUSTICE / Poem by Ibrahim Honjo

Poem by Ibrahim Honjo
On the way between three cruciform mountains
I lost my travel documents
and the last coin
the carrier pigeon flew in from somewhere
and brought me a message of my death
which happened once upon a time
in the distant Balkans
where it always arrives suddenly
my death is so obsolete
that they had to dig me up three times
and do an autopsy
to confirm the thesis of a respected scientist
about immortality and the wandering of souls
between three cruciform mountains
and about their invisibility and inviolability
and about how they smell the seeds of justice
high in the air
and how he saw in the darkness pride and greed
greed and vanity
how they fly without wings
maintaining the balance of the planets
someone carries the universe on their shoulders with ease
all others groan under the yoke of injustice
and dream the most beautiful dreams of the kingdom of heaven
and abundance
only I am sure of its non-existence
beyond frivolous dreams
I remain in my ashes as the only refuge
without wanting to even have a wife by my side
who loves forbidden fruit

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