Beauties / A Story by Nahide Soltani

A Story by Nahide Soltani
The girl was blond and had just been born. She was still a baby. Contrary to many people’s misconceptions that babies do not yet have a good understanding of their environment, she understood the beauties and even the ugliness.
She fell asleep with a pleasant lullaby and awoke to the sound of brainstorming.
She answered in a pleasant, smiling manner, and wept with harsh, angry, hateful looks.
It was as if aestheticism was institutionalized in her. Because from birth, she understood the taste of delicious foods and responded positively or negatively to them.
As she grew older, she was not only attracted to the beauties of her appearance but even drew ordinary faces to her with their kindness.
Most of all, she loved her father with callused hands and deep sad eyes.
Her father’s eyes were the ocean of kindness that drowned her, and in that ocean of love, she swam so much that her heart turned golden.
Her father was the most beautiful creature in the world because he learned life lessons from his teachings and was watered by her love.
When her father went to work, she pulled his quilt over her and felt completely safe getting intoxicated by her father’s smell.
Her father’s affections nurtured her as a kind creature to love those around her especially nature.
She grew up. A 9-year-old girl, full of passion and joy. She loved nature. She considered playing with soil to be the most beautiful game in the world. She lay on the grass, imagining herself a hero of the clouds as they moved, and on imaginary journeys on the wings of the clouds, talking to the angels and God.
Sometimes she would make the snowflake bigger under a magnifying glass and she would be immersed in that snowflake and she would live in the beautiful world of snowflakes.
Sometimes she would fly to the distant stars on a butterfly’s wing and make friends with these creatures.
Sometimes she would sit on the petals of a rose like a nightingale and very slowly start a journey from there, gliding through the petals and the leaves and stems of the flower to the roots of the flower, and there with the roots deep in the ground in search of water and minerals turned to dust and returned to the surface of the leaves and petals the way they came, and came to life from the sunlight, and her laughter blossomed, and how attractive and beautiful this life seemed to her.
When she reads the legends in the children’s books, or she reads or hears the legends of the folklore of her country or the world. Witnessed that not only are there good and bad struggles, but they are also involved in this beautiful and ugly struggle. And she saw that many are ugly and morally filthy but some are beautiful and have good morals.
As she grew mentally, she saw a contradiction between the stories and what was going on around her.
She sought out and befriended those with physical and mental disabilities. Because many children avoided such people and they were inevitably isolated and took refuge alone.
But the girl would go and challenge them and find in their souls what she was always looking for.
She saw them as very kind and honest and understood that they were because of their physical and mental shortcomings because they could not express their desires properly. They are forced to use violence in order to attract people. And people thought they were crazy and avoided it. But the girl understood their language easily and talked to them for hours.
Unconsciously, good people came to her despite their shortcomings. And she saw beauties in them that she unfortunately did not see in beautiful people, although not all beautiful embryos were like that.
The day she read the story of Snow White, she liked this story very much because beautiful did not win there, but kindness and love won.
When a girl becomes an adult, she thinks that it is beauty that creates love. But she soon realized that it is love that creates beauty.
As she got older, she realized that everything in the world is beautiful. Only human temperament and personality and attitude are different.
Maybe what is beautiful in the eyes of one person is not beautiful in the eyes of another. So she learned not to judge people’s attitudes and not to blame anyone for their tastes.
When she turned to the literature and arts of her country and the world, she wholeheartedly admired the artists, writers and poets of the whole world who have inherited beautiful works with their beautiful thoughts and ideas, so the ancient works are also beautiful.
Beauty is widely debated by philosophers, poets, writers, and psychologists. That cannot be talked about here. Totally beautiful, beautiful and everything is beautiful.
When Ziba Roui disperses people around her with her behavior, one cannot deny her beauty.
So beauty becomes more attractive when it is in harmony with social and moral characteristics.
The true beauty of a person lies within him. One who understands and cares about others and values ​​others is always beautiful.
Many people seek physical beauty for relationships in the first place. But it should not be the first reason to start a relationship.
When a relationship is based solely on a person’s physical appearance, over time not every beautiful face has a loving, gracious, and supportive heart, and with the lack of inner features, it soon loses all its charm.
In every society, the definition of beauty is different because its criteria are influenced by various factors such as culture, customs, and so on.
And most importantly, beauties vary according to time, location and geography.
When man is full, the best food on the decorated table is nauseating for him and a piece of dry bread is the most delicious food in the world when he is hungry.
And when he is tired in a forest, a stone pillow is preferable to all the comfortable beds in the world.
So what brings us peace, joy and happiness is very beautiful. Not everything beautiful brings us happiness and then plunges us into destruction and misery.
War, oppression and injustice are beautiful for some politicians to maintain their status, but the war that causes homelessness, motherlessness, childlessness, fatherlessness and poverty for some is the ugliest and most hated thing in the world.
Let people breathe in the beauty of justice and freedom Let everyone have equal access to the God-given resources of the earth, freedom and justice is the most beautiful thing in the world.
Everything in the world is beautiful, but sometimes we cannot see the beauty in depth for a long time due to the situation that some people inadvertently create for the human mind.
And the girl who is very old now has decided to wipe her eyes and overcome suffering to see the world and life more beautiful. Because she is only supposed to live once.
And this girl turns to nature to live in beauty. And there, among all the enchanting beauties, she is alone with her god. He knows that even hard-hearted people are confronted with the beauties of nature, the stone of their being is softened by love for all that beauty like wax. Because she sees himself in nature without a veil.
God speaks to her in the music of nature, and she responds to God with her inner love.
Everything is beautiful for her, but her father’s memories are the most beautiful treasure of beauties.
Author : Nahide Soltani ©® Iran
All Rights Reserved To The Author

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