Poems by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis

Poems by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis
I’m the daughter of the wind and sea breeze.
I’m granddaughter of mother nature.
From father wind, I inherited the genius.
Docile on the day of the heatwave.
Furious on a stormy day.
I inherited the sea, from mother breeze.
In the valley of the waves
I write my verses.
Each letter is a star,
each word is a constellation,
giving light and path
to those who, like me,
wander around the universe
in search of love and affection.
Grandma mother nature, left me the vastness
where I stretch and snuggle
under the leafy trees
and I take a nap,
intoxicated by the scent of wildflowers.
I run free through the fresh,
clean, sunny fields,
with open arms thanking the Lord.
I stuff myself with wild blackberries
sorrel, rockrose flowers
and I get down on my knees praising God
for the delicious food.
I am the daughter of freedom
I’m the daughter of the wind and sea breeze!
No need to go all over the place,
happiness is ahead of us
in the small and common things
It only takes humility, tact
and some wisdom.
At the top of the varied beaker that our life is
a good dose of gratitude
closes our crossing with a flourish!
I’m the daughter of the wind and sea breeze.
I’m a friend of sorrow and joy!
“Help people
even when you know
that they can’t help you back.”
I read this on a peace and love page
and I found it interesting
because that was my own lifelong mantra.
From an early age,
I became aware of the need
to improve as a human being.
Whenever someone told me
that I was very beautiful,
I always answered: I am beautiful inside.
So, I needed to improve myself day by day.
Suffering made me quite precocious
for negative actions,
because for the positives,
I also return the same positivity.
To do to others
what they did to me,
Is a principle
I found abhorrent and shunned.
So that it wouldn’t happen,
I needed to evolve.
For me, that was a given.
Evolution breeds goodness and love,
feelings that make us happy.
Couldn’t allow, disgusting feelings
like hate, rancour, anger, revenge,
sheltered inside me.
I wanted to reach that level,
where we are already able to kiss
with love and affection,
even those who wanted to kill us
and continued to mistreat us.
The route was a rocky road.
The glades were often dappled in shadows.
Most of the way was thorny.
Until reaching the culmination of despair
the way out was suicide.
I was exhausted from so much struggle.
At the peak of despair,
I lost the reasoning faculty.
I escaped, thanks to the help of friends.
I truly believe I have a guardian angel
watching over me.
It was a fresh start.
From there,
a light embraced by an iron will,
erupted from my core,
lighting the way ahead of me.
I turned myself inside out,
upside down and feet up,
fighting hard,
against the battalion of demons
that forked my insides.
One by one I mastered them all,
throwing them to the depths of hell.
Slowly but determined,
without losing faith and hope,
I came out of the darkness
where I had sunk,
having as companions
anxiolytics and alcohol.
Today I am where I longed to be.
On the landing above earthly evil.
The matter is secondary,
but justice is a priority.
The revolt, the nonconformity,
were reduced to ashes
and I was reborn as a new phoenix,
with wings of peace and love,
embroidered with pink crystals,
where the sun is reflected with vanity!
“Help people
even when you know
that they can’t help you back.”
This is the generosity
of an unabsorbed noble soul,
that very good people have.
This is where I am.
If I got it, so can you!
©Maria Dulce Leitao Reis

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