Poems by Sajid Hussain 

Poems by Sajid Hussain 
Oppressed Secret of life
A glimpse peeps through an incisive stare,
Tints of deepest streaks racks a prick,
A wistful smile lights on a brooding face,
Balanced mind with full of hopes,
The pride rose with touch of happy thoughts,
Whitens the dark fate of life,
Settled spirit with appraising eyes,
Stretches a sight of an angel’s delight,
A surgy beat on ones heart,
Regards a favour to journey of ones freewheeling,
An unceasing throng of sensation keeps accompany,
Towards the fleeting sky to flood the mind,
Remote burning some longings flash in between,
To refine their modesty with blink of the scene,
Far away in the gray of the sea of age,
Flames of hope in dim eyes flounce,
To overwhelm oppressed secrets of life.
Warming and Melting
Be to a voice of a pitiful soul,
A lightening flash of a dark shade,
When vision be faded of evening star,
Guide its divine to with a glimpse,
Over flowing on a rock can lead,
A cloud to reach on a barren land,
Be able to coach a falling dew to dead leaves,
With in their kindness the lips of mercy,
May relief a miserable near about to death ,
A straw for a drowning near to bank,
The zealous zest for a traveller in desert,
Across a face having falling tears down eyes,
Through mists of rain at the close of day,
Have soft thoughts as sylph on wings,
Become threads of life to heal its wounds
Stone walls in all surroundings seem a fall,
Cloudy mirror of opinion in narrow fences of life,
Is disappearing before the lightening cleave of night,
From away a rushed cyclone is whirling still,
But a beam of elfin’s light is sparkling,
On the other side of moon to dominate the night.
Fussy Diffuseness
Despairingly stolid consent inflects for self absorption,
But sense of amplitude indulges with upsurge ,
Stunned at the sensation of pain and suspense,
More then a whisper throbbing of a voice,
In the compound of flare up feelings,
Billows from my wavered ticker,
Overmastering impulses search for shifting,
To brood upon the air griping heart,
Pleasure in eyes’ splendour crowns the sight,
Dazzling order of beauty beats on fancy,
Matchless modesty at jovial significance,
On segment of life touches the charm of dreams,
High spirited vision balances the manhood,
A charming thought of vigor and vitality airs,
Endowed enthusiasm lavishly exuberates,
To soften seared shade of sight for destined change.
Sajid Hussain Pakistan ©

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