Poems by Smruti Ranjan Mohanty

Poems by Smruti Ranjan Mohanty
Time never waits
Don’t try to go ahead of time
Never remain behind
You can not defeat time
Be with it
Never lose your present
To the memories of the past
And dreams and uncertainties of the future
Life is beautiful
You don’t see it
Your mind is somewhere else
Your past hunts you
Your future scares you
Hardly you live for the moment
It is not the way to live life
Be with life, its ebb and tide
Feel its rhythm and rhyme
Look at the meadows and mountains
Rivers and rivulets
Look at nature, its spellbinding beauty
The birds singing the song of life
See! how full and fascinating life is
Wake up!
See! a beautiful day is waiting for you
Nature is welcoming you with a beautiful smile
Smile with it, live your day with love and passion
Before it becomes yesterday
Get the better of you, your changing moods
And conflicting priorities
Before they get the better of you
And you spoil your day once again.
Enjoy life!
Madly fall in love with it
Before it fades into nothing
A sad and pathetic reality
With which you are to live with
Relish the moments you have
Before time snatches them away
Live your moments to the full
Before they go into the garbage
Create your own moments
See that ray of light
Behind the bank of clouds
Life never gives a second chance
The drooping eyes of your beloved
That smile on your child’s lips
The love and concern of your parents
Will never come back
Live these moments
Before they leave you and become part of history
Live each and every moment of life
They will never come back
Realise it before it is too late
And life in the midway leaves you half-dead
Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©

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