Zhuljeta Kalemi (Albania)

Zhuljeta Kalemi (Albania)
Zhuljeta Kalemi is a new and interesting voice in the contemporary Albanian poetry.
This is evident in the poetry that she has published. Her verses radiate positive energy that stay in your memories.
She is a decorated award winner in literature contests at the high school “Hasan Tahsini”, but she has achieved a refinement during the years in University.
She has published poetry in national journals whereby she has demonstrated her talent as an original poet with a meditative inspiration.
Zhuljeta, much like Romeo has her passion for poetry whereas Etta, this quiet and charming girl has as a close friend – meditation.
She is a poet of modern verses.
Red evening,
You are playing the piano,
a love tune.
That sings her melancholic waltz
A melody that weeps,
And silently sings throughout your evenings,
It’s a melody that still flows in perpituity.
The tears like fingers, play on the keyboard
As I drown in it
To see your blanched face
Far distant like stars
I swing in this waltz longingly.
When the sky starts merging into the gray of mountains
And continues into the blush of sunset
That’s the time when the ice melts
There, where the sun bathes in the sea
And I stay alone amid the flames
There’s when his existence dies.
When I try to forget you
I walk barefeet
On the cold waters of denial
On the grey stones weathered by heartaches
On a shore left behind
When I try to remember you,
The hurricane writes onto my eyes
When you left, the sun, you took with
As a medallion strung around your neck.
Now dawn will never break
How will I outlast the darkness?
Do you feel me?
When you walk on dark roads, alone,
Or maybe when you just wake up in the morning…
Do you still feel like I am hugging your solitude?
Do you feel me?
Like a shadow pressed against you
Running in every corner of the room
And you want to capture me and get out of your darkness
Only us…
Do you also feel it?
Tell me, I beg you
That one day quite by accident
We are going to meet on a path
Where we have never been down before
We are going to meet as two strangers do
Two strangerslonging for an encounter
“Eh you do not love me, as much as I love you”
A deep whisper of the soul
Sorrowful cry
Ailing respiration
That overwhelms passionate souls
It’s impossible to love in the same way, you know?
The road of your love for me
And mine road to you
Leads us down different paths
The sun burns up in flame
The sky darkened in every sunset
In every soaring up to the sky
There is a potency desire to shine in a star
Sparks and divulges
Appear and disappear in flashes like thunderbolts
Two beings
There, where they meet, sanctified
And coronate the love.
And so, after all this
Like the sea after the storm
Comes the dilemma
“Do you love me like I do?”
We are the elements
Of sea and the storm
We are the rebellion
The force of replication
Two streams of water
Coming from the opposite directions
Merging and melting into each other
Through the pebbles and tumult
And again, through the storm
In the depth of the seas
We converge like two bodies
Beings that crumble
Into a hundred pieces and reunite
Miraculously breaking all dilemmas
In a love passion
Translated from Albanian:  Merita Paparisto

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